T Shop

Case Study: Original content and creative strategy for T Shop


T Shop
247 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY

A case study on designing content and creative strategy for a boutique tea shop located in SoHo, New York City.


T Shop is a place for tea aficionados to gather and socialize over vintage tea and reserves. The tea selection are curated by the owner Theresa Wong. Unlike most tea shops that tout themselves as a tea shop, the menu at T Shop is limited and constantly updated based on seasonal pickings and availability.


Marketing Channels
T Shop has a following of users (above 1,000 followers) on its Instagram account. It is fairly active, but with minimal call-to-action or activation. Another form of communication that T Shop uses are email blasts (only occurs when a new tea or event is announced).

There’s little to no activation on T Shop’s Instagram compared to its competitors (in the same category of business). A key service that T Shop stands out from the others is a no-frills, casual workshop called Tea Making Mondays. It is open to anyone who wants to learn how to steep and drink tea in a gong-fu fashion.

The flow of attendees fluctuates. From a full house to a handful, to none (more so in colder seasons).

There is a lack of call-to-action of Tea Making Mondays by T Shop.


Observation: T Shop’s current Instagram feed



Work with T Shop to harness the Instagram platform with engaging content or activation (live streams).

Bringing in new patrons who are curious about what “good tea” is and want to stay away from boxed tea bags.

Targeting users who often discover new eats, drinks through geotagged images on Instagram.

Create original artwork, video as content to share on the Instagram platform and newsletter blasts.

Showcase T Shop’s services and lifestyle without pretension or intimidation.


Proposed Content Promoting T Shop’s Services

Original photography and designed assets.




Instagram Live Story

T Shop can engage users with a first-person point-of-view tea session using Instagram’s Live Story. The view is positioned from a sitter’s perspective allowing for an immersive experience. Audio can be enabled to listen in on the conversation.