Pool Parties was an annual two-month long summer concert series that debuted at McCarren Park, Brooklyn.
The startup organizers JellyNYC approached with an open canvas for branding the concert, giving it some art direction, and developing a digital campaign to generate awareness.
Shown here are Pool Parties branding guidelines and typography styles, original photography that would eventually dictate the tone and aesthetics of the brand, out-of-home teaser campaign, and web design.
Branding Guidelines
Logo treatment, and style guidelines for treating content.
Out-of-Home Teasers
Teasers with original photography that ran in collaboration with sponsor
New York Magazine.
Landing page and event dates were maintained weekly.
This series of imagery came to represent Pool Parties as New York City's top summer destination for entertainment. The escapism, the summer heat, and the vibes of outdoor music events.
I shot the photography at each Pool Parties music event. These would used for media and social content.

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