How much fresh snow will there be?
Newly fallen snow is what skiers and snowboarders call "powder" or "fresh pow." Ideal riding conditions is when a resort gets dumped by inches, if not feet, of fresh powder.
There are only a handful of websites that you forecasts snow for each ski resort around the world. What I have found in my search is getting a forecast to a resort to be painful. The problems I've found with these snow forecasting websites are:
• No sense of order of information
• Visual noise, clutter
• Hard to find Search field
• Outdated looking websites that do not feel user friendly
• Snow stats for a specific ski resort requires a bit of digging around
• Unnecessary secondary information to a user

Websites shown below:,,
SnowPow: Real-time snow forecasts
SnowPow is the solution to the problems above, and more. The website experience provides a visitor a highly visible search bar, a geo-filter, and a sense of exploring for travel ideas.
SnowPow: Search flow
Mobile first: Sketching it out
Mobile View - Version 1
Mobile View - Version 2
Resort's Detail Page
Wireframes for mobile, tablet, and desktop
Master Header - Mobile
Master Header - Tablet/Desktop
Logotype studies

Logo stacked.

Logo on a horizontal line.

Color studies
UI Design of SnowPow

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